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Development Fees

Web Page Information

NOTE: * The purpose of HOLYWORDCAFE.COM is to provide web space for CTL Computer Services' customer accounts that need a place to be hosted on the web at a respectable web site.


The amount charged for hosting will depend on the ammount of space you need and content. If we are doing the hosting here then prices would be: Economy or Standard - $50.00 per year, and Delux or Ultimate - $100.00 per year. With your hosting here you would also get the following:

    WEB ADDRESS: www.holywordcafe.com/ACCOUNTNAME
    SUB-DOMAIN: ACCOUNTNAME.holywordcafe.com)
    EMAIL ADDRESS: ACCOUNTNAME@holywordcafe.com)

If you already have an Internet service provider that supplies you with web space we can probably do the work and access the space with your login and password. There is a separate form we will mail you for setting up an account (whether we host your site or use your space). This page is designed to serve as an estimate in evaluating what service(s) you require. If you require larger space web hosting or domain name services, please ask for further details. Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.


Account setup, web hosting, and Domain name registration for a 1-Year Plan: $140.00 per year ($11.67/month). Free Account setup, Free Domain Name (about a $50 value and includes 300GB space, 300GB transfer per month and 5,000 email accounts that use your domain name). 2-Year Plan: $240.00 per year ($10.00/month). Fees are paid in advance.

This does not include a dial-up internet access account.


Packages (see note)* Fees** # Pages*** # Links # Graphics # LINKS TO YOU
Basic Static
$50.00 1 5 2 + background 1 from This Page
Basic Static
$100.00 3 12 4+ background Submission to 2 search engines + Provider
+ Counter
$225.00 7 25 10 + background Submission to 4 search engines + Provider
+ Counter & Guestbook
$350.00 up to 15 Unlimited (at setup) 20 + background Submission to 8 search engines + Provider
  • Custom Graphic work and frames are $30/hr.
  • CGI (Counter/Guestbook/Forms), Animation, etc. are $50.00/hr.
NOTE: *1). You must provide the information to be included in the web site, preferably in electronic format in .doc or .txt format (limit 200-250 words per page, if information is not provided on disk or via email, extra typing charges may apply). 2). Links are your choice, subject to local laws, and can be to places within the same page, your site, other Internet addresses, or email addresses). 3). All graphics must either be provided on disk in a file format or scan ready condition. 4). Backgrounds can be in accordance with a color scheme or a graphic. 5). You must Indicate desired location of wording, captions, links, headings, graphics, logos, counter, color schemes, etc. ** Prices and terms are subject to change without notice. *** The main page on your site will have information at the bottom for more information about web page design and email to the web master (this page). If the exact package to meet your needs does not appear above, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

WEB PAGE MAINTENANCE: (no problem on editing and minor changes*)

  Fees Time Period      
  $50.00 3 mos.      
  $85.00 6 mos. (save $15)    
  $150.00 12 mos. (save $50)    
NOTE: Maintenance does not include full design layout as in the web page setup process. Maintenance would include minor changes like: correcting errors, typos, changing of a company address, phone number, employee, links, etc. *Graphic work, CGI, Animation, Frames, etc. are not included as minor changes. Submissions for changes should be done on a monthly basis. If time required for update is more than minor, hourly fees may apply ($30/hr) . If it involves the changing of text, text must be provided by you. These changes are to be submitted via email (either in the email message or as attached files, preferably .doc or .txt format). Requests for changes should be made at least 1 week in advance to accommodate dated items. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Your satisfaction is important to us. Get TWO MONTHS FREE EXTRA MAINTENANCE per successful referral

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